Fish thrive in water which has plenty of oxygen whilst algae thrive in water that doesn’t. Keeping water sufficiently supplied with adequate oxygen is known as aeration and in order to keep a pond aerated, an aeration system is needed. Without one of the aeration systems in a pond, the pond’s fish life will die and algae will flourish which will make the pond become unsightly and smelly.

The aeration systems do not have to be large and clumsy, making the pond look unattractive as a fountain is also a pond aerator. Fountains throw water in the air where it can be oxygenated thereby keeping it healthy but a fountain is what is known as a surface aerator which is only efficient for ponds which have a depth of 6 feet or less. Other surface aerators include propeller systems which instead of throwing water into the air just churn it up allowing it to be aerated that way.

Both these systems are efficient for keeping shallower ponds sufficiently aerated and if you do not have a mains power source available close to the pond, you can even purchase some of these systems complete with their own windmills which will provide them enough power to operate efficiently and effectively. With a fountain being an aeration system, it means that you can add grace to the look of your pond whilst keeping it healthy and, if you add a windmill, help to keep the planet healthy at the same time, not to mention save money on electricity.

Diffusion systems have been designed to keep deeper ponds fully aerated and they work by the diffuser, which is placed at the bottom of the pond, releasing air which oxygenates the water on its way to the surface, allowing even the water at the deepest depths to receive an adequate supply of oxygen. You must just ensure that the air hose linking the diffuser to the compressor, which is placed out of the water perhaps on the edge of the pond, is long enough.

Consideration has also been given to the fact that a deep pond may be isolated, located well way from a mains power source and so for those instances, diffuser kits are available with their own solar energy kit. These solar kits are specifically designed to provide enough power to keep the diffusion system working independent of any other power source and some of them can keep operating for up to three days without sunlight.

With the variety of aeration systems available today, there is no need for any of the ponds on your property to become unhealthy and incapable of sustaining fish life. With the option of using a fountain for shallower ponds, an aeration system could even add character to the property and make it look even more impressive. With a solar kit attached to the diffusion system on deeper ponds, you can also display a concern for the environment, impressing others that way but whichever system you choose, ensure that it is the correct one for the depth of the pond it is to be used on.

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