Most air conditioning systems are best installed by professionals and as some of the companies that install them, can be rather expensive, it is usually best to shop around to find one that whilst being reliable, is also reasonably priced. One of the ways in which you do this shopping around, is by looking online at reviews for the different installers and then getting quotes from those which appear to be the most reliable. When you have an air conditioning system fitted, you will have hopefully decided on which size is large enough to provide efficient cooling but is not so large that it will be more expensive than necessary to operate. Hopefully you will also have looked at the different types of system available and decided which is best for your particular home or use.

If your need only requires that room needs to be fitted with an AC unit, then a split system is probably best. This is a system that has the condenser located outside which is connected to an indoor unit, in the room to be cooled. If there is a need for more than one room to be cooled, then either a multi split or ducted system may need to be considered. Even though a ducted system can have flexible ducts, they can take still take up space and so these systems are usually only chosen for installation into larger homes.

However, if your home is large enough for a ducted system, you have the added advantage of the AC only being seen in each room, as outlet and intake grills. For a smaller home, if there are only a maximum of 5 rooms to be air conditioned, a multi split system can be installed and this system has the added advantage of different sized indoor units being able to be placed in each individual room.

The competition between air conditioning installation companies is often fierce and so this competition can work in the favour of those that need systems installed. Whichever system you choose, it will need routine maintenance and often at least some of that maintenance needs to be done by a professional. As it is the same people that install air conditioning systems that also maintain and repair them, as well as looking at the prices they charge for installation, only look at the charges they cost to do follow maintenance or even repairs if needed. Sometimes although two companies may charge the same installation charges, one may offer a better follow up service than the other, making your choice of which to choose far easier.

Many people that have already had air conditioning systems installed, have found out the hard way that routine maintenance needs to be kept up as, a unit may break down in the middle of a heat wave, when it is needed the most and that is also the time the installation companies are at their busiest. The result of this is often that either they wait in sweltering heat for the unit to be fixed or alternatively, pay over inflated prices for a swifter repair.

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