Have you been considering of buying the top kasco pond fountain soon? Fountains certainly add value to ponds found in commercial or residential areas. Not only their quality has improved but also the number of their selections has increased through the passage of time. It is no wonder that there are now more pond equipment dealers than before as well.

Obviously, some dealers are really good, whereas others are not reliable at all. That is why you must select the best dealer as much as possible since that is the only way to avoid getting ripped off. There are certain factors to consider when making a choice. First, check your prospective dealers’ years of service in the industry. If they have been selling pond equipment for many years, then that is a plus since they definitely know a great deal of information about fountains. As a result, they can really help you pick the most suitable fountains for your pond, from decorative fountains to aerating fountains. They can even teach you how to maintain your unit so that it will last longer. Second, find out in which areas their fountains are suitable for.

Some dealers may only cater to a certain type of fountains that can be used in certain areas only, whereas others may provide a wide selection of pond aeration products, so you can have many options. Remember, the more options you have the greater is your chance of finding the right fountain for your pond or any recreational area that needs it. Areas where fountains are mostly seen may include swimming holes, fish farms, ponds, lakes, golf courses, parks, apartment complexes and more! Third, try to see if they offer discounts.

Whether you are buying from a brick and mortar store or an online store, it is best to check where you can get a chance to save on your purchase. It is actually possible to come across a dealer that offers various pond fountains on sale in a particular period of time or season. Fourth, find out if they are open to payment plan options. If you are thinking of purchasing a high-end pond fountain that can cost more than $20,000 for instance, perhaps you might want to pay for it on a staggered basis. That can actually depend on the dealer, so you should try to know about this early on. Fifth, know who their references are.

You can find more peace of mind when you know that you are buying from a reliable dealer. One way to know the reputation of the dealers is to ask their previous customers. You should also at least see some pictures or videos of their sold fountains on the property of their previous customers.

Last, examine the warranty period. You should not dismiss the importance of the warranty. The warranty varies depending on the brand and the type of the fountain. Usually, commercial fountains can have a warranty that can last for 5 years, whereas residential fountains can have a warranty that can last for 2 years.

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