Pocket knives today are becoming increasingly popular and one of the reasons for this is that although they may be useful to carry with you, they are perhaps one of the only general purpose knives available today as specialty knives of all descriptions can now be found for all kinds of different use. You can learn more about pocket knives and the other types of knives at http://thebladeguru.com/the-best-pocket-knives/ where there are descriptions and reviews for many of them. Getting back to pocket knives though, these are knives which can be safely carried in the pocket for use at any time and in any situation. As the blade of these knives is shielded by its handle when not in use, they are considered safe to carry. That however does not mean that they are not sharp as a good pocket knife certainly will be.

As these knives have small blades, perhaps about 4 inches long, they are also very versatile, able to be used in many different situations. Although all pocket knives are relatively small and have their blades hided in their handles, does not mean that all of them are exactly the same as they are not. As well as regular pocket knives you also have OTF knives and EDC knives which, although having their own names, are still basically variations of the standard pocket knife. OTF stands for Out the Front and means that any knife referred to as an OTF knife will have a blade which shoots out of the handle, parallel with the handle. These types of knife are extremely useful if you require getting the blade out faster than a standard pocket knife would allow. EDC stands for Every Day Carry and although some people may argue that that name would be appropriate for any pocket knife, the manufacturers consider that an EDC knife is more durable and stronger, able to withstand regular use.

Perhaps these would have been better referred to as EDU (Every Day Use) knives as these are a knife which you should consider getting if, instead of just having a knife available to use, you expect to use your knife on a regular basis. Although a pocket knife can also be extremely useful to have in the wilds, hunters and other outdoorsmen, as well as carrying a pocket knife will also carry a larger more suitable knife for outdoor conditions, perhaps something like a survival knife. In an urban environment though, often a pocket knife is all that is needed but times when it may be needed can be unexpected, perhaps in work or even at a social event and of course even out on the street the need for some kind of knife or blade can also arise. Although the number of different pocket knives available today is in the dozens, by reading the website above, you will be better prepared to know exactly which pocket knife you should look to buy for your particular situation and what you suspect you may need one for.

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