DO you need an axe? Do you have a job in front of you that requires a handle, axe head, and some manual labor? Then you need to get that axe and get started.

But, do you know what type of axe is going to help you complete your task?

Many people don’t know much about mauls, axes, and hatchets. They think they are all the same. They could not be more wrong.

There are many different types of axes, and they each have a very specific type of job. Some of them can do more than one job of course, but for the most part, each axe is designed with a very specific purpose in mind.

Firstly, axes and mauls tend to be both longer in the handle and heavier in the head than a simple hatchet. Hatchets also tend to be more of a one-handed tool as opposed to a full-sized axe.

Then, you have the various axe types. For instance, there are axes to do heavy labor, and there are axes to do woodworking.

A woodworking artist might need a smaller and very controllable type of axe called a carpenter’s axe. These usually have a small handle and a bit with a long beard to give the user a lot of control. Other woodworkers who are shaping logs, but not necessarily doing so for art but instead for some type of architectural reason, might instead opt for a broadaxe. These usually have a single bevel meaning they have a flat side of the axe head to make the shaping easier and more accurate.

If you are in need of an axe for manual labor you’re probably splitting logs or taking down trees. If that’s the case the above two option won’t help. Instead you need a maul or felling axe.

Mauls, which are sometimes called splitting axes, will be the right choice for making logs into firewood. But, if you are planning of chopping down a lot of trees with and axe, you will need a felling axe. When you compare them to the pre-mentioned woodworking tools, you will notice how different they are.

There’s another type of axe as well. There are mid-sized axes that have a whole bunch of names. They are usually called one of the following: camping axes, trail axes, Hudson Bay axes

They are great utility type axes that you can use if out on a trail, camping, hiking, or just need something a little smaller than a full-sized maul.

There are also many differences between brands. Some use different kinds of steel for the heads and different types of wood for the handles. Some don’t even use wood for the handle and instead opt for steel or a fiberglass composite.

As you can see, there are so many types of axes that you really need to know what one is right for what you plan to do with it. Trying to woodwork with an axe designed to smash logs is a bad idea, and trying to chop down a tree with a artist’s axe is going to take forever.

Always have the right tool for the job.

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